Tree of Life

each light shines as a gentle reminder…

Virtual Ceremony & Tree Lighting

Dear Friends,

The shadow of grief touches all of us at some time or another and when it comes, it darkens everything. The coronavirus has not only caused a viral pandemic, but it has given rise to a pandemic of grief. This pandemic is threatening every single person on Earth, causing losses of every kind. Social distancing is forcing us to be apart from family and friends, jobs have been lost, schools have been closed and personal events have been postponed or cancelled making it impossible for us to gather for life’s most meaningful celebrations and rituals. The impact the pandemic has had on grief support and the ability to carry out rituals is unprecedented in our lifetime.

This year more than ever before, we recognize the importance of continuing our annual Tree of Life celebration. Although we are unable to gather in person, we can connect virtually and remember those special people in our life. As has been our tradition since 1988, we will place lights on the trees outside of our house on Shore Lane, to honor and remember our loved ones. In the darkness of the winter nights, compounded by the inability to be together, each light will shine as a gentle reminder of those who have touched us in a special way. It is in these memories that we will find warmth, comfort and a sense of hope during these trying times. We have come to know that grief does not exist without love and love can continue to shine even in grief.

Please consider joining us for a pre-recorded Tree Lighting ceremony that will be available for viewing on Hospice Care Network’s website on Saturday, December 5th at 4 pm.

We invite you to register the name(s) of your loved ones on the website by November 9th.

On behalf of all of us at Hospice Care Network, we wish you a winter season filled with health, love, support and most especially, hope.

Mary Gravina
Assistant Vice President of Counseling and Pediatric Services

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