Get Help Now

Today is the day you get the help you need.

get help now

The easiest way to get help that you need is to give the specialists in our Referral Center a call. Call 516-832-7100 and ask to speak with someone in our Referral Center.

You or a family member are always encouraged to give us a call – to seek both information and advice at any time during your illness. You might be interested to know referrals can be made by anyone – you, your physician, a family member, a friend, or a hospital social worker or discharge planner.

If it seems like we can help, a team from Hospice Care Network will work closely with you to help admit you to our programs. Meetings to discuss your unique needs are always arranged at a time and place convenient for you and your family.

Today is the day you get the help you need. Give us a callĀ at 516-832-7100.