Care at The Mary Ann Tully Hospice Inn

“Extraordinary things happen here every day – we’ve even had baby showers, weddings and cocktail parties,” says Hospice Inn Director Darrin London, NP. There are many stories that take place at The Mary Ann Tully Hospice Inn, each of them demonstrating the value of every remaining day of life. From its very conception, everything at The Hospice Inn has been done with an eye toward creating an environment that enables people and their family and friends to spend quality time together in comfort and serenity.

Mary Ann Tully Inn

Services at The Mary Ann Tully Hospice Inn

The Hospice Inn may be appropriate for people needing short term care:
  • To treat acute pain and other symptoms that could not be managed in another setting

  • To continue treatment of acute symptoms as transitioning from a hospital to home

The Mary Ann Tully Hospice Inn is beautifully furnished with 18 private rooms and amenities such as a family-style kitchen, sunroom and outdoor terrace, and offers people and their loved ones privacy, comfort and quality of life. Sleep-in accommodations and a convenient central location along major highways on the border of Nassau and Suffolk Counties make for easy visiting any time, day or night.

HCN’s expert physicians, nurses and personal care aides are on staff at The Hospice Inn at Huntington to deliver quality medical care to treat the pain and symptoms of the person’s illness. Our Social Workers, Chaplains, and Patient Support Volunteers are also on-site to provide counseling, spiritual care and companionship. Additionally we offer a team of trained volunteers and staff to provide complementary therapies including Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Pet Therapy.

The best way to see if Hospice Care Network can help you or a loved one is to give us a call. 

We Protect Patient Privacy In Every Way!
HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996) creates national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. This law was enacted to protect patient privacy and improve the security, accuracy and integrity of the electronic transmission of health information. HIPAA provisions affect providers (that means Hospice Care Network), payers, and all other entities that share in the exchange of health information. This new law requires that a privacy notice be given to all patients and makes it illegal to release health information to inappropriate parties, or fail to adequately protect health information from release. If violated, civil and criminal penalties can be incurred.